Legal and Ethical Issues

The original version of the Pintos is distributed under a liberal license that allows free use, modification, and distribution. Students and others who work on Pintos own the code that they write and may use it for any purpose. Pintos comes with NO WARRANTY, not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See License file for details of the license and lack of warranty. However, the modified code of the pintos-kaist is not under the same license. It rather uses RECEX SHARED SOURCE LICENSE, which means you SHOULD NOT REDISTRIBUTE the your works based on this code. For the details, see LICENSE.

In the context of KAIST's CS330 course, please respect the spirit and the letter of the honor code by refraining from reading any homework solutions available online or elsewhere. Reading the source code for other operating system kernels, such as Linux or FreeBSD, is allowed, but do not copy code from them literally.

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