We will grade your assignments based on test results.


Your test result grade will be based on our tests. Each project has several tests, each of which has a name beginning with tests. To completely test your submission, invoke make check from the project build directory. This will build and run each test and print a pass or fail message for each one. When a test fails, make check also prints some details of the reason for failure. After running all the tests, make check also prints a summary of the test results. You can also run individual tests one at a time. A given test t writes its output to t.output, then a script scores the output as pass or fail and writes the verdict to t.result. To run and grade a single test, make the .result file explicitly from the build directory, e.g. make tests/threads/alarm-multiple.result. If make says that the test result is up-to-date, but you want to re-run it anyway, either run make clean or delete the .output file by hand. By default, each test provides feedback only at completion, not during its run. If you prefer, you can observe the progress of each test by specifying VERBOSE=1 on the make command line, as in make check VERBOSE=1. All of the tests and related files are in pintos/src/tests. Before we test your submission, we will replace the contents of that directory by a pristine, unmodified copy, to ensure that the correct tests are used. Thus, you can modify some of the tests if that helps in debugging, but we will run the originals. All software has bugs, so some of our tests may be flawed. If you think a test failure is a bug in the test, not a bug in your code, please point it out. We will look at it and fix it if necessary. Please don't try to take advantage of our generosity in giving out our test suite. Your code has to work properly in the general case, not just for the test cases we supply. For example, it would be unacceptable to explicitly base the kernel's behavior on the name of the running test case. Such attempts to side-step the test cases will receive no credit. If you think your solution may be in a gray area here, please ask us about it.


We provide a command to make an archive file. Go to your pintos project root directory where you have threads, userprog, vm, filesys directory. Type TEAM=YOUR_TEAM_NUMBER make archive (e.g. TEAM=5 make archive). Then, you will have team5.tar.gz in the same directory. Submit the archive file. DO NOT make duplicate submissions. One submission for a team is enough.

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